Local Solutions

Our customer service team is always available to offer local freight solutions. Call or email to book your freight.

Specialized Fleet

Power units and Trailers

We operate a fleet of day cabs, and trailers spec'd for city driving. Our late-model power units are reliable and efficient to ensure that our customer's freight gets delivered at the appointed time. Freight is secure and clean in our dry-vans and always at the needed temperature in our refrigerated trailers.

Straight Trucks with Liftgates

Nexus' fleet of liftgate equipped straight trucks can get in and out of locations that tractor and trailers cannot. We service retail stores, small manufacturing and restaurants throughout the GTA.
Many small businesses accept deliveries at their front or back door rather than at a loading dock. Our drivers can safely navigate our straight trucks through alleys and laneways that large trucks cannot. When they arrive, our convenient hydraulic liftgates lower freight to ground level for easy unloading.


Maintained for Reliability

Well-maintained trucks and trailers are the key to reliable delivery. Our fleet is kept in top shape by our expert in-house mechanics.

Environmentally Efficient Equipment

We save fuel and pass the savings to our customers by operating efficient trucks and lightweight trailers.