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In 2014, Kriska Holdings Ltd. joined with the Mullen Group (TSX: MTL) to create the Kriska Transportation Group (KTG) by combining Kriska and Mill Creek Motor Freight. In its second year, KTG acquired JMF Transport and Transpro Freight Systems. In 2017 Service Freight Systems was acquired and BTC Express the year after that. KTG grew by four companies in 2019, adding Icon Transportation Logistics Ltd., Champion Express, Nexus Freight Ltd.,Trailwood Transport Ltd., Round The Lakes Motor Express and Ready To Load Logistics.


Dedicated People Delivering Superior Transportation

From humble origins in 1978 in small town Ontario, to becoming one of the largest privately held transportation companies in Canada today, KTG has a clear focus on the proverbial road ahead.

We strive to equally balance the needs of our employees, our customers and our shareholders; believing that this philosophy will result in a resilient enterprise that will stand the test of time. Central to our philosophy is the desire to grow the company every year, regardless of economic cycles.

Our Companies

Cross-border Truckload, Drayage, Warehousing, Logistics
Cross-border Truckload, LTL, Logistics
Cross-border Truckload, Dedicated, Local
Cross-border & Regional Truckload, Flatbed
- Cross-border LTL, Truckload, Logistics, E-Commerce Warehousing
Logistics Brokerage | Cold chain, Fresh, Frozen
Cross-border | Truckload, Local, Expedited, Logistics
Full-service cross-border logistics
Full-service Logistics Brokerage
Just-in-Time Automotive Freight
Local LTL, Truckload, Cube-van
Cross-border LTL & Truckload, Expedited